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Reflections, Selfcaged

Here you can find the discography of Reflections and Selfcaged. For more details click on the Image of the CD cover and it will take you to the Virtual Booklet tour where you can find any details, samples and the whole booklet view from inside. If you want to hear all songs, please purchase our CDs by filling this FORM.

Reflections 2 - Life TO Wait

1. Final Rain
2. Autumn Mood
3. Unaware
4. Found You
5. Let Me Out
6. Life To Wait
7. Far away
8. Tomorrow's Morning
9. 2:00


1. Prologue
2. Last Beginning
3. Dreaming
4. Memories
5. Her View
6. Post Script
7. Epilogue
8. Faded
9. How Could I
10. Reflections

Selfcaged - The Wasteland Of Dreams

1. To Admire
2. Years
3. Changes
4. Remote Place
5. Wings Of Embrace
6. The Wasteland Of Dreams
    Part I. Close The Reality
    Part II. Death Hasn't Place
    Part III. The snake Eyes
    Part IV. Enchanting Climax
    Part V. The Wasteland Of Dreams

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