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different Reflections-24.8.2006 SUBCLUB Bratislava-Ajtyajty Festival
Reflections 2 -21.4.2002 GeS-klub KOŠICE- Live To Wait concert 2004
Reflections-6.3.2002 GeS-klub KOŠICE-Opening Act for CD "Reflections"
Reflections-23.3.2002 KD Myslava KOŠICE-Without Shame Festival
Archive-Live prerformances since Selfcaged beginnings

24.8.2006 AjTy AjTy fest 20:00 SUBCLUB BRATISLAVA - (different reflections = Vikor Halasz-bass,lead vocal Tomas Vala-guitar,backing vocal and Juraj Trubac-drums, backing vocal)


1. HIM - Wicked game
2. Jimi Hendrix - Little wing
3. Foo Fighters - Learning To Fly
4. Pink Floyd - Wish You were Here
5. Sting - Fragile
6. U2 - Walk On
7. U2 bundle - With or without you, Where the streets have no name, Walk On
8. Bobby Hebb - Sunny

Video sample - Pink Floyd - Wish you were here

21.4.2004 GeS-klub KOŠICE 19:00 Opening Act of the Reflections 2 - Life To Wait CD at GeS Agency club. Nearly 130 guests.



1.Unaware (feat.Monika Matuova)
2.Grip Inc. - Hostage To Heaven (feat. Tomas Cervenak from Obliterate)
3.Final Rain (with Monika)
5.Found you (with Monika)
6.Enigma - Eternity Of Love (with Monika)
7.Let Me Out
8.Dream Theater - Hell's Kitchen
9.Autumn Mood


10.Her View
11.Far away
12.Pink Floyd - Comming Back To Life
13.Duran Duran - Ordinary World (with Monika)
14.The Wasteland Of Dreams pt5.
15.Moonspell - Magdalene
16.Life To Wait (with Monika)


17.Tommorow's Morning
18.Fear Factory - Pisschrist (with. Tomas on vocals)
19.Unaware (with Monika)

6.3.2002 GeS-klub KOŠICE 19:00 Opening Act of the début named Reflections sold out the place of GeS Agency club. Nearly 200 guests. Playlist consisted of two parts: part 1.-Reflections | part 2.-Music covers.


PART ONE(Reflections)

2.Last Beginning
5.Her View
6.Post Script
8.How Could I
9.Enchanting Climax(Selfcaged)
10.The Wasteland Of Dreams(Selfcaged)/Crystal Planet(Joe Satriani)

PART TWO(Covers)

11.Erotomania(Dream Theater)
12.Fields Of Gold(Sting)
13.Here With Me(Dido)
14.Through Her Eyes(Dream Theater)
15.Cryin'(Joe Satriani)
16.Finally Free(Dream Theater)


18.Sacred Serenity(Death)

23.3.2002 KD Myslava KOŠICE 16:00 Whitout Shame fest Appereance on popular metal fest in Kosice, Reflections and other bands likeF.O.B, Typhoid, Pyopoesy, Blood Hunt a Tristana.


2.Last Beginning
4.Her View
5.Post Script
7.How Could I
8.Erotomania(Dream Theater)
9.Sacred Serenity(Death)

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Archive ,since beginnings of Selfcaged

Selfcaged-Zima 1999 Jumbo Centrum Košice-Imatrikulácia na Ekonomickej Univerzite
Selfcaged-Január 2000-Koncert v Dome Umenia na Miss PHF
Selfcaged-18.02.2000 Jumbo Centrum Košice>-Ples Ekonomickej Univerzity
Selfcaged-14.11.2000 Jumbo Centrum Košice-Imatrikulacia Ekonomickej Univerzity
Selfcaged-23.2.2001 Jumbo Centrum-Ples Ekonomickej Univerzity
Selfcaged-9.11.2001 Jumbo Centrum Košice-Imatrikulacia Ekonomickej Univerzity
Selfcaged-13.12.2001 GES>-(IQ Servis Party)
Reflections-7.7.2002 Vodnolyziarsky vlek nad Jazerom-(IQ Servis CUP)

Winter 1999 - Selfcaged in Jumbo Centre in KOŠICE The first performance of Selfcaged in the EU ball in Jumbo Centre in KOŠICE


(all Instrumental versions)
1.The Wasteland Of Dreams-Part I.Close The Reality
2.The Wasteland Of Dreams-Part II.Death Hasn't a Place
3.The Wasteland Of Dreams-Part III.The Snake Eyes
4.The Wasteland Of Dreams-Part IV.Enchanting Climax
5.The Wasteland Of Dreams-Part V.The Wasteland Of Dreams

January 2000 - concert in the Philharmonic Orchestra House Appereance at the Miss PHF in the Philharmonic Orchestra House... great sound,...


1.Toss The Feathers(cors)
2.The Silent Man(Dream Theater)
3.Fields Of Gold(Sting)

18.02.2000 Jumbo Centrum Selfcaged and other bands like Kvety v Podpaží , Nocadeň,...


1.Toss The Feathers(cors)
2.Through Her Eyes(Dream Theater)
3.Selfcaged(new one/no name)

14.11.2000 Jumbo Centrum Concert in the Economic University ball in Košice


1.Fields Of Gold(Sting)
2.Dream Theater Medley(Metropolis pt.1, Pull Me Under, Mirror)
3.Mike Oldfield-
4.The Wasteland Of Dreams-Part V. The Wasteland Of Dreams

23.2.2001 Jumbo Centrum Concert in the Economic University ball in Košice


1.Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming(Deep Purple)
2.Philadelphia(Bruce Spreengsteen)
3.Peruvian Skies(Dream theater)
4.With Or Without You(U2)
5.Nothing Else Matters(Metallica)
6.Take A look Around(Limp Bizkit)

9.11.2001 Jumbo Centrum Koncert in Jumbo-9.11.2001


1.Join Me(HIM)
3.The Silent Man(Dream Theater)
4.Crawling-Linkin Park
5.Here With Me (DIDO) + Monika MAtuova

GES Koncert at GES-13.12.2001(IQ Servis Party)


1.Through Her Eyes(Dream Theater)
2.Fields Of Gold(Sting)
3.Nothing else Matters(Metalliica)
4.Selfcaged-Enchanting Climax
5.Cryin'(Joe Satriani)
6.Join Me(HIM)
7.Wait For Sleep(Dream Theater)
8.With Or Without You(U2)

IQ Servis CUPs WaterSlalom at "nad Jazerom"-7.7.2002(IQ Servis CUP ) Opening Act - P.I.T. band


1. Reflections-The memories
2. Reflections-Her View
3. Selfcaged-Enchanting Climax/Wasteland Of Dreams
4. Dream Theater-Through her eyes
5. Sting-Fields of Gold
6. Him-Join me
7. Metallica-Nothing else matters
8. Depeche Mode-Enjoy the silence

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