Happy New Year 2007
Reflections wish you all happy new year 2007.
Reflections - 1.1.2007

Message Board available again
New Message board has been installed and is ready to use here
Please note, for security reasons to post a topic or reply you need to be registered user.
webmaster - 3.1.2007

New video clip to download
Reflections 2 on Live To Wait concert 2004 play Grip Inc.-Hostage To Heaven (feat. Tomas Cervenak from Obliterate) grip.wmv 7047kB

webmaster - 5.6.2005

Picture with Tomas
Tomas Vala with Tomas Bodin from The Flower Kings after concert in Nitra (8.4.2006)

picture by Marek - 8.4.2006

Picture with Devon
Martin Breznen and Tomas Vala with Devon Graves from dEADSoUL TribE after concert in Zlin (20.11.2004)

picture by Ivin - 21.11.2004

Mockyho Okienko - aneb co blbyho zas tyden dal

Copyright Mocky 2004

Reflections would Like To THANK to everybody who was at concert for support, and we hope we'll meet someday again.
Short movie from the gig can be downloaded here
You can expect more media to be uploaded here soon....

Reflections - 30.4.2004

Vote for your favourite song
... and give us a feedback

Just select your favourite song from our fresh Reflections 2 -Life To Wait CD and vote for it! Give us a feedback which song you like the most. Thank you for voting in this poll. . You can check the results by clicking on the results button.
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