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Cast and Crew
Reflections 2 consists of 5 permanent members. They are as follows : Martin Breznen, Milan Mockovciak, Tomas Vala, Viktor Halasz, Marek Vala. We also count a few additional members (guests) for live performance and recording: Monika Matuova, Tomas Kelemen, Tomas Cervenak.

Martin Breznen - Dums & Percussion Click on the link to view Martin's biography ...
Milan Mockovciak - Bass & Guitar Click on the link to view Milan's biography
Tomas Vala - Guitar, Keyboards, Voices Click on the link to view Tomas's biography
Viktor Halasz - Guitar, Voices Click on the link to view Viktor's biography
Marek Vala - Keyboards & Samples Click on the link to view Marek's biography

Monika Matuova - Vocals
Tomas Kelemen - Keyboards
Tomas Cervenak - Vocals

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