Sound Gallery
sample sounds of Reflections, and Selfcaged

Reflections 2 - Radio Interview
1. Interview with Martin Breznen at RockFM 100.3 (23.3.2004)(interview.rm 748kB)

Reflections 2 - Life To Wait
1. Final Rain (final_rain.wma 707kB)
2. Found You (found_you.wma 779kB)
3. Life To Wait (Life_To_Wait.wma 408kB)
4. Tomorrow's Morning (tomorrows_morning.wma 924kB)
5. Unaware (unaware.wma 420kB)

1. Last Beginning (last.mp3 954kB)
2. Memories (memories.mp3 1153kB)
3. Post Script (post.mp3 963kB)

Reflections-live at GES 6.3.2003
1. The Wasteland Of Dreams- part IV.- Enchanting Climax (enchanting.mp3 2511kB)
2. The Wasteland Of Dreams- part V.- The wasteland Of Dreams (wasteland.mp3 2539kB)

Selfcaged - The Wasteland Of Dreams
1. Remote Place (remote.wma 4580kB)

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