Tomáš Vaľa - guitar, keyboard, voices was born on September 19-th 1981. His musical activities began in his childhood when he was registrated by his parents to the piano school. He visited that school regularly but the style of tuition didn´t fit to him so after five years he finished it and started with playing guitar as an amateur. In 1996 he became a member of the band Blend that was founded by his friends. He was working there as a singer and guitarist too. There were playing music in a jazz-funky style. In 1999 he received an offer to play the second guitar in Selfcaged which was recording its debut at that time. He took this opportunity without hesitation and became a member of that band. His musical history ended now as a co-author of the project Reflections.

Name Tomas Vala
Age 22
Residence Košice, Slovakia
Status Single
Occupation Student
Favourite music Dream Theater and related projects, Pink Floyd, Pain Of Salvation, Flower Kings, Spocks Beard, Joe Satriani, Symphony X, Fates Warning, Hans zimmer, and more
Guitar Influences John Petrucci, David Gilmour
Outfit Ibanez guitars, Line6 POD, Ernie Ball strings, Jim Dunlop pics, Shure Mic

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