Thanks to everybody who helped us to reach the point where we are right now.

Tomas thanks to >> family : for understanding and support ( especially to my brother Maroš for an invaluable help by finishing our music recording and for the perfect, booklet, parents for their financial support, friends - Erik, Viki, Miro, Petra, Katarina, Muti, Uzi, Ďuri... ( for friendship and understanding ) , Martin and Milan – we would not have finished this project without your help and especially to Martin for brilliant texts and Milan for many music ideas which brought „ a face“ to our project, band Selfcaged - Martin, Milan, Tomáš a Viktor ( thanks guys for coming to play to the cellar at Puskinova Street ! ), band Blend - Raf, Ondrej, Vilo( thanks for opportunity to play with you and for times we spent together not only as a band )

Martin Thanks to >> my parents for everything although we sometimes do not understand each other, especially to my brother Braňo for being supportive and understanding, common plans and aims and to all my dogs , Pavel – for friendship that lasts for years , dear fay for having a positive influence on me, Janko, Mery, Jeňo, Marián, Lucia, Lenka, Tomáš, Marián M., Peťo Č. and others I have forgot to mention here for their friendship, band Bloodshed – we have had astonishing years guys!, band Selfcaged – maybe sometimes in the future we will make something...musically of course, Bubo & Filo & Ears, Milan and Tomáš for the project is worth to continue...

Milan thanks to >> family & dog, Misa, Kata, Pali & company, Hans Zimmer & many more...

Reflections thanks to >>: everyone who likes this project and helped to make it happen, especially Dano Jordán and Peter Kertvel for its publicity not only in the radio Flash, Ján Martinec and Maurizio for outstanding booklet, the digital studio Lumina for printing the booklet in a perfect quality, Viktor for taking part in this project and together with Tomáš for playing in Selfcaged and releasing the début CD, Tomáš´s parents for pleasant atmosphere by the recording, Sorgo for creation and operation of our website, bands Ears, Skeptic, Nostrum, the firm Line 6 for perfect POD2, Vlado for music samples, the album Dead Air for Radios from Chroma Key for inspiration and to the others we forgot to mention...

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