REFLECTIONS-Six Steps to Reflections 2

step 1 - Martin Breznen & Bloodshed

In 1991 in Košice a band Bloodshed was established. Its members were Marián Dolanský /bassguitar/, Daniel Bubo Hronský /guitar/, Filip Filo Orator /vocals/, Pavel Farkaš /guitar/ and Martin Breznen /drums/. The band Bloodshed played the music in the death metal style affected by bands like Napalm Death, Carcass, Atheist, Cynic, Cannibal Corpse, Death and others. In this form Bloodshed existed for a period of three years till the spring 1994 when its members were forced to leave their music room. It was used by them almost every weekend during that time for musical playings. The long-lasting impossibility to play and musical differences let to the fact that Bloodshed never met again. Afterwards, its members played in other bands. Bubo together with Filo founded a band named Skeptic which played the music in the style of Cynic and Atheist and also recorded a debút Cd called ,,Lifelong" that was on a high musical level. However, it never achieved the success to be released by a domestic or foreign label. After the end of this formation Bubo with Filo decided to play in a band named Ears. Concerning the band, its music is considerably discrepant from the music of both previous bands. After the break-up of Bloodshed, Pavel Farkaš, Marián Dolanský and Martin Breznen played together for a certain time and attempted to produce the music in the "Rondo Veneziano" style. However, they were unsuccessful. Nowadays Marián Dolanský lives in Bratislava and stopped to deal with the music in an active way. Similarly, Pavel Farkaš now makes no musical activity. Martin Breznen is a member of the band Selfcaged and a co-author of the "Reflections" project.

step 2 - Milan Mockovčiak & Demoral

A band Demoral launched its existence probably in the autumn 1994 in the following structure: Viktor Halász /guitar, vocals/, Miroslav Farkaš /guitar/, Tomáš Kelemen /guitar/, Milan Mockovčiak /guitar, vocals/ and Peter Olšavský /drums/. The utilization of three guitars did not seem to be unusual because all members were the fans of (at that time) very popular doom respectively death metal. The initial creation could be characterized as simple but agressive heavy metal without any complicated musical procedures or technical skills. The keyboards player Peter Sorger replaced Viktor Halász after his departure to the United States of America. The making of new things based on the keyboards in the doom metal style, under the influence of the bands like Paradise Lost or Amorphis in particular, began in this formation in the autumn 1995. The greatest success was probably the concert with the bands Deccay and Wayd in the then Átrium club in Košice. This was followed by a period of stagnation which resulted in the end of the band in 1996 and the birth of Selfcaged. As Milan adds: "I gladly remember the period in Demoral and hope to wait for the recording which will cover the then songs in a required sound quality. They certainly deserve it".

step 3 - Tomáš Vaľa & Blend

The story of a band named Blend began in 1996 when Tomáš Vaľa /guitar/ joined the already existing members who were Vilo Zelinka /drums/, Ondrej Bačo /bassguitar/ and Rafael Akopjan /guitar/. Thus the band became complete. Its music could be characterized as a combination of jazz, funky and rock. The core of the songs chiefly comprised the jazz-rock compositions. Similarly as in case of Bloodshed, Blend never carried out a live performance. Tomáš Vaľa´s musical focus changed with the advent of Selfcaged to the joint music room with Blend. Tomáš became the Selfcaged second guitar player and eventually its permanent member as well. That probably led to the end of the formation Blend. Later, its members participated in other projects. Ondrej Bačo took part in "alternative Hendrix songs". He studies in Australia at the moment. Rafael Akopjan deals with a jazz-rock project which may see the light of the world pretty soon. Vilo Zelinka devotes no time to drums. Tomáš Vaľa currently plays in Selfcaged and is a co- author of the "Reflections" project. "I think that the best for all of us was that we remained the same and everybody deals with what close to his heart is ", Tomáš added.

step 4 - Selfcaged

The band Selfcaged rose from the ashes of three non-existing bands, particularly Bloodshed, Blend and Demoral, in 1996. The formation was in the very beginnings as follows: Milan Mockovčiak /bassguitar/, Viktor Halász /vocals, guitar/, Peter Sorger /keyboards/ and Martin Breznen /drums/. Each of us had certain musical experience. As a result, we tried to play different things in comparison to those in our original bands. We did not succeed despite certain attempts to make a recording. The position of the keyboards player was taken by Tomáš Kelemen after the leave of Peter Sorger in the spring 1998. Having accepted the fifth member of the band- the guitar player Tomáš Vaľa, we all participated in a recording of a CD titled as "The Wasteland of Dreams" which saw the light of the world in July 1999. It was presented in the radios Kiks and Flash in which this CD was in good positions of the rockcharts for a pretty long period. The band changed its music room after the release of this CD. It also p erformed at the matriculatory celebrations of the University of Economy during which the band played its own as well as foreign songs. Since the recording of our début CD we were not creative which resulted in the new recording and the creation of the "Reflections" project during the stay of Tomáš Kelemen and Viktor Halász in the United States of America. Further activity resp. existence of the band Selfcaged is unsure with respect to certain, mostly personal problems.

step 5 - Reflections

The "Reflections" project is not only a combination of several coincidental events. I think it developed in our heads for a long period albeit we probably did not realize that. And it is a consequence of events that had happened in our original band Selfcaged. I think that chiefly Tomáš, Milan and me were not satisfied with the state after the release of the "The Wasteland of Dreams" CD. To be sincere, all efforts of our co-players posed only a certain attempt to make our next CD better in all aspects compared to our début CD. The attempt that remained just on a paper. I´m glad it didn´t happen in case of this CD. The use of the "big break" time during Summer 2001 turned out to be a good solution. It was Milan´s idea to create something different from Selfcaged at the very beginning. That was the impulse which started everything around Reflections as well. Concerning the musical aspects, our cooperation resulted in November 2001 when the CD reached its final version. The graphic and total elaboration was made for about 90 %. Those 10 % posed the change of a printing house which positively helped to better elaboration and final effect of a booklet in a way we had imagined it. The album with the same title consists of 10 songs. The songs that were affected by the effort to make them in the style of Chroma Key. I think that the CD is a bit discrepant in its final version. I was not in favour of it at the beginning but I am now even more pleased that it´s not an entire copy. The others remind us that there is a considerable influence of Pink Floyd. However, we regard it as a compliment not something negative. We are glad that at least some people including us like this CD. We are decided to take certain steps with the CD even more than in case of Selfcaged. At present, particular actions are carried out as well and I believe that they will bear some fruit. Although we do not expect that some miracles will happen. The "Reflections" project will certainly continue. It is in our heads at the moment as it was in case of birth of this album. And it is even so now. Regarding the musical focus, I cannot predict how the next CD will look like but it is definite that it will certainly be. I always wanted to create something in the style of Vangelis or Dead can Dance. And maybe in the style of the tenth song as well. And maybe there will be more such songs that will be even more miscellaneous. And maybe it will be a progressive album. That can´t be excluded anyway because we have enough ideas from the past. And perhaps we will have so much material that there will be two considerably different albums. It´s impossible to say that with certainty in these days. It´s definite that we have taste and enthusiasm to create something new. I believe I will be able to sum up the birth of another Reflections CD in one year or maybe sooner /certainly sooner?/. No, I do not believe it. I am convinced about it. Till that time enjoy the m usic of this CD. I think it´s worth the attention.

step 6 - Reflections 2

...a promise is a promise...As we promised two years ago the Reflections project continues...Not only because this is necessary but because we will...We started to record the new material at the beginning of July 2002...As we used the music samples in the previous deed we also made it this time but in a diffeent style...None of the music pieces you may listen to has completely been written before. It was like a big puzzle again...You may see that we enlarged our band membership by two regular „elements“ and of the temporary vocalist. Bringing this effort to the end was a difficult issue but even we have got separated nothing has stopped the aim to make it happen. After eightteen months of long-lasting work we succeeded. The new album contains nine, maybe different, maybe equal songs. However, the music should be listen to not to speak about. So therefore we believe you should stop read this lines and get our CD... and after listening evaluate if it is worth your attention or not. I am still confident you will fall in love with it. Because this is the music that comes from our hearts and your opinion is the most valuable we can get. We will do the same steps as we did with the previous recording. That means try to find some foreign label that could finally enable us what we are not capable to do. But I think the most precious gift is that we still can do the music we love. We are looking forward to record another piece to enjoy not only ourselves... Any of your comments or suggestions will not be thrown away...until...Until you are satisfied with the current composition...So are you?


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