Milan Mockovčiak - bass, guitar The band Demoral started its activity in autumn 1994 in the following formation Viktor Halász /electric guitar, vocals/, Miroslav Farkaš /electric guitar/, Tomáš Kelemen /electric guitar/, Milan Mockovčiak /bassguitar, vocals/ and Peter Olšavský /drums/. All five were the fans of the then very popular doom metal so the combination of using three electric guitars wasn´t attypical. The primal production of that band could be defined as simple but aggressive heavy metal without complicated musical methods or techniques. After Viktor´s going to the United States, the empty position in the band was filled up with Peter Sorger /keyboards/. In 1995, the making of new songs began. They were made in the doom metal style, markedly based on the keys influenced by the bands like Amorphis or Paradise Lost. The biggest success was the concert with the bands named Deccay and Wayd in the Atrium club in Košice. Afterwards, the period of stagnation led to the breakdown in 1996 when Selfcaged was established. " I remember the years in Demoral very well and I hope that some record of those songs will be released in an appropriate sound quality. They deserve it." Milan added.

Name Milan Mockovciak
Age 24
Residence Brno, Czech Republic
Status Single
Occupation engeneer
Favourite music  soundtracks
Equipment Ibanez Bass

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